Exciting news: Ostrich Colony Films is in the process of making a feature length neo-noir movie called “Dark Company.” It’s an anthology film (that’s a fancy term for a collection of short movies) that will include our previous short films “Through The Red Door” and “I Still Adore You” as individual chapters in the longer piece.

With this full-length movie, we are expanding on the dark, mysterious world of our two award-winning short films and watching the characters from both stories collide. There will be new characters (a professional hitwoman! a violent serial killer!), stunning locations, beautiful costumes, thrilling music, plot twists, and the return of our brilliant cast and the rockin’ & rollin’ blues band Rumble King.

We’ve already shot a new chapter for the film that features Ben from “Through The Red Door” (Adam Epstein) and Adored from “I Still Adore You” (Sina J. Henrie).

To finish our movie, we will be raising money through the fundraising website Indiegogo. So, keep your eyes peeled for our fundraising video in the very near future. Thanks for your friendship and your support – we’re going need it when we’re knee-deep in this crazy film world.

- Josh, Chris & Cindy

9/9/2023 12:31:27 am

Thanks greaat blog post


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